How to use KantanAPI


Once launched you can use the API in a number of ways including

  • Using one of our various Connectors which are built using our KantanAPI
  • Using the REST interface via HTTP GET or POST requests

Using KantanAPI in the Deploy Tab

  1. Login into your KantanMT account using your email and your password  
  2. You will be directed to KantanMT Dashboard
  3. Select the engine you wish to use by clicking on it
  4. Open the Deploy tab and click launch
  5. A ‘Launch API’ pop-up will now appear on your screen, click YES.
  6. When your KantanAPI launches the API status will now change from Launch to Initialising API and you will receive an email saying that your job has been launched.
  7. The API is ready to be used when the Text to be Translated window becomes active.
  8. Type the text you wish to translate in the text box and click on the Translate button.
  9. The translated text will now appear in the Translated Text box.
  10. If you wish, you can edit the translated text and save these changes in the engine by clicking the Adapt Engine button.


Launching the API from within a tool

Your KantanAPI is language aware. Once the project in your CAT Tool has been set up with the correct Source and Target languages, the API will begin initialising automatically. To enable this functionality ensure that you have added the KantanTranslate alias to the engine. If you are having any issues, please check the following

  • Check the Source and Target languages are the same as your project/translate window.
  • Check that API token you’ve entered is correct and up to date.
  • Check that the Alias “KantanTranslate” has been added to your engine through the Properties window. Note: this is not yet required for all tools. Please check the Help Desk page for your tool.



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