How to use the Deploy Tab




  1.  Launch
    Use this button to start the API. When the API has finished Initialising you will be able to access it in the window below or in your chosen connector. You can also Launch KantanAPI from within Kantan Widgets, Connectors or CAT Tools. When you are finished using the API click the button again to shut down. It is not totally necessary to do this step as the API will shutdown automatically after 1 hour of inactivity.
  2. Copy Token
    Use this button to copy your API token to your clipboard. Right click and use “Paste” (or press Ctrl + v) where you are prompted to enter it in the CAT tool.
  3. Regenerate Token
    To make a new API token for the profile click this button. Note: you will have to update the API token in your CAT Tool.
  4. KantanTranslate
    KantanTranslate is a web-based app that can be embedded on any website, intranet or extranet and allows snippets of content to be translated instantly. KantanTranslate is linked to your KantanMT engines. This web app can be customised to fit with company colours and fonts. Use this wizard to obtain the code for embedding in your site.
  5. API DocumentationThis button leads to a separate site showing all the information required to develop a custom API connection with KantanAPI.
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