Using Rule Editor


The KantanMT Rule Editor enables members of to create, test and deploy Post-Editing Automation rules. The editor allows users to evaluate the output of a rule on a sample of translated content without needing to upload it to an engine and run a translation job. Rules will be run in descending order on your all your translation content.

How to use the KantanMT Rule Editor

  1. Login into your KantanMT account using your email and your password.
  2. You will be directed to the KantanMT Dashboard Click on Training or Translation and click on Rule Editor.
  3. Click on SourceTarget or Mono for the Training tab and Source or Target on the Translation tab depending on what you wish to modify. Multiple rules can be created for each content type, in one engine. 

  4. Use the Test Content box to test your rules. Include some examples of the issue you're trying to fix here.
  5. Type the content you wish to search for in the Search Rules box and how you wish to modify this content in the Replacement Rules box. See examples below:

  6. Click Test Rules and the outcome of your rules will now appear in the Output box.

  7.  If you want to add a new rule to your engine click the green plus button on the bottom right hand side 

  8. If you want to remove a rule click on the bin icon 

  9.  To save your work click SAVE.

Additional Information

More information on Regular Expressions and Kantan Rule Editor can be found here.





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