What is KantanSwift


KantanSwift enables the rapid launching of KantanMT engines which is critical to reducing project turn-around times and increasing translation capacity. KantanSwift™ optimizes KantanMT engines so that the API will launch in a matter of seconds. 

Please note Kantanswift is not available on all price plans. If you do not have it and wish upgrade please contact info@kantanmt.com.

How to use KantanSwift

  1. Login into your KantanMT account using your email and your password.

  2.  Click on the profile you wish to use KantanSwift on, then click on the Swift button in the Dashboard view.

  3. A banner will now appear on your screen saying your KantanSwift job has been launched. Note the ‘Job ID’. 

  4. When this job is finished, you will notice the KantanSwift icon will now be displayed beside the profile that it was used on. Anytime a job is launched on that profile KantanSwift will be used.

  5.  If you encounter any problems please contact Support.
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