BLEU in BuildAnalytics



What is a good BLEU Score? 

BLEU scores range from 0-100%. A score less than 15% means that your KantanMT engine is not performing optimally and that a high level of post-editing will be required to finalise your translations and reach publishable quality.

A score greater than 50% is a very good score; significantly less post-editing will be required to achieve publishable translation quality.


Improving BLEU Score

There is a high correlation between the number of words used in training a KantanMT engine and its BLEU score. The more training data is uploaded to KantanMT, the better the BLEU score and consequently, the generated translations.


Using BLEU in KantanAnalytics


To check the fluency of your KantanMT engine click on the ‘BLEU Scores’ tab. You will now be directed to the ‘BLEU Score’ page.




Place your cursor on the ‘Bleu Scores Chart’ to see the individual fluency score of each segment. . A pop-up will now appear on your screen with details of the segment under these headings, ‘Segment no.’, ‘Score’, ‘Source’‘Reference/Target’ and ‘KantanMT Output’.




To see the ‘Bleu Scores’ of each segment in a table format scroll down. You will now see a table with the headings ‘No’, ‘Source’, ‘Reference/Target’, ‘KantanMT Output’ and ‘Score’.

To see an even more in depth breakdown of a particular ‘Segment’ click on the ‘Triangle’ beside the number of the segment you wish to view.



To download the ‘BLEU Score’ of all segments click on the ‘Download’ button on the ‘BLEU Score’ page.






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