KantanTimeline enables KantanMT clients to view the entire life cycle of their KantanMT engine. It is easy to locate exactly what is negatively or positively affecting your engine. KantanTimeline can be used to able to keep track of things such as, Training Data upload, Translation jobs, Engine Tuning, templates, Build jobs and so on through the KantanMT Timeline.

How to use Kantan Timeline 

  1. You can access Timeline from the Dashboard screen in the icons to the right of the engine name of from within Build Analytics. 
  2. Timeline can be used to Archive an engine. To create an archive, click the Archive button within the recent build screen.                                                                      Archive.png

  3. You can then continue to work on the engine and make changes to it. To restore the engine to the Archived copy, select the Archive you wish to restore from the Archives drop-down menu and click Restore. To delete an archived Build click on the ‘Delete’ button.

  4. It is also possible to filter the timeline view to only view certain types of operations: Build, Analyse, Tune, Translate jobs, Updated Engine, Uploaded data and Deleted Data. 

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