TER in Kantan BuildAnalytics


TER in BuildAnalytics

TER measures the amount of editing that a translator would have to perform to change a translation so it exactly matches a reference translation. By repeating this analysis on a large number of sample translations, it is possible to estimate the post-editing effort required for a project.

Using TER in BuildAnalytics

 To determine the amount of post-editing required for the machine translation outputs click on the ‘TER Score’ tab. You will know be directed to the ‘TER Score’ page. 


Place your cursor on the ‘TER Scores Chart’ to see the ‘Translation Error Rate’ of each segment. . A pop-up will now appear on your screen with details of each segment under these headings, ‘Segment no.’, ‘Score’, ‘Source’,  ‘Reference/Target’ and ‘KantanMT Output’.


To see the ‘TER Scores’ of each segment in a table format scroll down. You will now see a table with the headings ‘No’, ‘Source’, ‘Reference/Target’, ‘KantanMT Output’ and ‘Score’. To see an even more in-depth breakdown of a particular ‘Segment’ click on the ‘Triangle’ beside each number.


To download the ‘TER Scores’ of all segments click on the ‘Download’ button on the ‘TER Scores’ page. 


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