KantanTemplates™ provide an intuitive and powerful way to customize, improve and deploy multiple KantanMT engines that share common training data-sets.

KantanTemplates enables the usage of shared data-sets of bilingual and terminology training files across multiple KantanMT engines. It also provides an easier method to customize multiple Machine Translation engines and reporting tools to track progress.

How to create a KantanTemplate?

  1. Login into your KantanMT account using your email and your password

  2. Select Templates from the sidebar menu.
  3. You will be directed to the Templates page. Click on the Create button, the Create New Template wizard will now pop up on your screen. 

  4. Give your KantanTemplate a name and click the Next button.

  5. Select a Source and Target language and click the Next button. 

  6. You will now be provided with a summary overview of your KantanTemplate. Use the Previous button if you wish to make any changes or else click Create.

  7. Upload the files you wish to add to the template by drag and drop. 


How to use a KantanTemplate

  1. In the Dashboard the last profile you were working on will be Active

  2. If you wish to add a Template to another profile other than the Active profile click on the profile you wish to add the template to, then click on the Training tab.

  3. Click the Templates button and the wizard will pop up.

  4. Select the template you wish to use from the Available Templates drop down list.

    Please Note:You can only select a Template who’s Source and Target language is the same as the Source and Target language of your engine.

  5. Rebuild the engine to include this template.

More information is provided in the video below:



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