KantanLibrary Engines


Improve the quality of your engines using pre-cleansed training data sets

KantanLibrary is a repository of high-quality training data sets that helps improve and customize KantanMT engines quickly. Our updated KantanLibrary makes it easy for Project Managers and MT engineers to navigate through our high-quality data catalogue in various language pairs and domains.

The KantanLibrary data is publicly available and is Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cleared by our KantanMT Professional Services Team.

We are constantly adding new data sets to KantanLibrary for new language pairs and new domains or industry verticals. The current list includes the following combinations. If you require a combination that is not listed, just contact our support team (support@kantanmt.com) and we'll do our best to create it for you.

You can view the full list of currently available Stock Engines here.

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