Custom Development for KantanAPI


KantanAPI enables KantanMT customers to interact with KantanMT as an on-demand web service. It also provides a number of different services including translation, file upload and retrieval, engine adapt, detect language and job launches.

KantanAPI operates as a REST web service, meaning that a client program only needs to be able to perform HTTP GET or POST requests to interact with the API. Therefore, the API is not limited to interacting with API clients that are developed using a particular programming language or operating system.

All information required for working with the KantanAPI can be found by clicking Deploy (for any engine) and accessing API Documentation. This will open the KantanMT Apiary site. This tool describes the full KantanAPI toolkit and even generates snippets of code based on a selected computing language. If you have any questions on KantanAPI please use the support button to contact the KantanMT team.

With the KantanAPI you not only have the opportunity to integrate KantanMT into your workflow systems but also the ability to receive on-demand translations from your KantanMT engines. All these services make the machine translation workflow as seamless as possible.

Use KantanAPI™ to connect with the third-party localization workflow of your choice. Please click here for more information regarding ready-made connectors for; Across, LiveAgent, MemoQ, Memsource, OmegaT, SDL Trados and XTM.


Additional Information

For more details on the KantanMT API please see the following links and the video below:


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