Creating a Post-Editing Automation Rule file


Creating a rule file is very simple. You can also use our online Rule Editor to automatically create rule files or if you prefer to make one yourself read on. All you need to do is to upload the .pex file along with your Client Data when running a translation job.  

A rule file contains a number of post-edit rules and each post-edit rule contains a search pattern and a replacement pattern.

The following are the different elements that a rule file should contain:

  • <postedits>: The main element of the file. Should contain all of the different post-editing rules you require, in the order you want them to be executed.
    • <search>: The search pattern for the post-edit.
    • <replace>: The replacement pattern for the post-edit.
    • <postedit>: These elements contain the post-edits themselves, in the form of a search and replacement pattern.

As rule file is RegEx enabled you can use some very flexible and advanced search and replacements.

You can create rule rules using either of the following methods:

  1. Create or modify rules manually with a text editor using our sample file (attached below)
    • Once you have downloaded our sample file you can open it in your favorite text editor then modify it to suit your requirements (Note: ensure when saving the file it is saved with UTF-8 encoding)
  2. Use our online Rule Editor to test and create your rules
    • The online editor can be found in the Translation or Training tab. 

For more details on rule files or the online Rule Editor please see the following link:

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