How to Translate from Your Browser (KantanSnippet™)


KantanSnippet is a browser plug-in which translates highlighted words or phrases using your customised KantanMT engines. Currently, Google Chrome is supported.

In order to be able to use KantanSnippet, the KantanTranslate™ Alias needs to be set up.

How to set up the KantanTranslate Alias:

  • In the KantanMT Dashboard, select the engine you would like to use with KantanDesktop and click .
  • In the Alias field, type KantanTranslate and click enter, then click Save
  • Repeat this action for each engine you would like to use with KantanSnippet.

How to install and configure KantanSnippet:

  • Install KantanSnippet onto your browser by clicking here.
  • Click the plugin button on your browser. Enter your API token and the language combination you wish to use and click Save. This will automatically launch the API if it is needed.

  • Once the API is launched, highlight a selection of text you would like to translate on a web page and click the KantanSnippet button on your browser. The translation will be displayed in the window.

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