How to Translate with XTM

  1. Configure the KantanAPI™ Connector in XTM. For more information on this, watch the related video.
  2. In XTM, under Projects, click Add project to create a new translation project. The New Project dialogue box appears.
  3. Under General information, in the Project name field, enter a project name.
  4. Under Translation, select the Source language and the Target languages for your project.
  5. Scroll down to the Machine translation section. Select the Use Kantan machine translation check box, and then select the relevant engine.
  6. Configure the rest of the options you might need for your project.
  7. When everything is configured, click Create. The API will be launched automatically and the document will be translated.
  8. If your file is untranslated, it might be due to the API not being launched during the analysis of the text. In that case, under Project list, click the menu button next to the relevant project, select Actions and then Reanalyse project. Soon, your document will be translated.


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