How to Translate from your Desktop (KantanDocExpress™)


*In order to be able to use KantanDocExpress, you will first need to set up the KantanTranslate™ Alias.*

How to set up the KantanTranslate Alias:

  • In the KantanMT Dashboard, select the engine you would like to use with KantanDocExpress and click .
  • In the Alias field, type or select KantanTranslate and click enter. Ensure KantanTranslate has been entered in the Alias field, then click Save.
  • Repeat this action for each engine you would like to use with KantanDocExpress.

How to use KantanDocExpress:

  • Access KantanDocExpress from the KantanWidgets part of the left hand menu in your KantanMT account or by clicking here: 

  • Enter your login credentials into the bar and click Save.
  • Drag and drop the files you want to be translated into the provided box.
  • Select the source and target languages, and then click Translate.
  • If your language pair is not available, please make sure you’ve added the alias KantanTranslate (see above).
  • When your translation is complete you will receive the translated file by email.

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