How to Translate with MemoQ

  1. Install the KantanAPI™ connector on MemoQ. For more information, watch the related video.
  2. Launch the API to have the automatic translation option enabled for your project. To do this on MemoQ:
    • Click Options on the top navigation pane. The Options dialogue box appears.
    • If you want all segments to be provided with an automated suggestion, select the option Always.
    • On the left navigation pane, under Category, click Machine Translation. The list of Machine Translation applications appears.
    • Under KantanMT API Connector, select the Enable plugin check box and click OK.
    • Click Options.
    • Under Client profile, select the relevant engine, and click Launch API.
    • The API status will change from Offline to Initializing. When the API is launched, the status will change to Running.
  3. Click OK. Ensure that the Enable plugin box is selected.
  4. Click Apply and OK.
  5. Now you are ready to translate.

To translate with MemoQ:

  1. Under the MemoQ tab, click New Project. The Create new project from template dialogue box appears.
  2. Click Add Document and select the relevant document for translation.
  3. Click Next>. The Progress dialogue box appears.
  4. In the Project name field, enter a project name. In the Source language and in the Target language fields, select the relevant languages.
  5. Click the Documents The Translations area with the document to be translated opens.
  6. Clicking the editable target language fields will display the automated translation suggestions under the Translation results field in the left navigation field. These suggestions are displayed in orange after the translation memory fuzzy matches, if any.
  7. To pre-translate the document completely with the Machine Translation output:
    • Click the Preparation tab and then click Pre-Translate. The pre-translate and statistics dialogue box appears.
    • In the Scope are, select relevant options.
    • Under the Lookup area, select the Use machine translation check box, and click OK.


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