How to Translate with MemoQ


To set up the KantanAPI™ connector:

  1. Install the KantanAPI™ connector on MemoQ.
    • At the top of the memoQ window, click the Options  icon.
    • Under "Default resources", select "MT settings" .
    • Right click "Machine translation" and click "Edit".
    • In the "Services" tab, select the checkbox beside the "KantanMT API Connector" and then click on the settings icon beside it.
  2. Now get your KantanMT account API Token.
    • Go to Account > Settings.
    • Click the "Account" tab.
    • There you will find the "API Token" field with your account's unique API Token.
  3. In MemoQ, click the settings icon beside the "KantanMT API Connector" in machine translation settings.
    • A window will pop up where you can input your API Token and click "Check Token". 
    • Once the connector is linked to your API Token, select the client engine you want to use and click Launch API. 
      • Note: Make sure the engine you are using has the KantanTranslate Alias set up. You can assign the engine an Alias by going to Engine Properties and selecting KantanTranslate in the Alias box. 



To change your MT settings in a MemoQ project:

  1. Open the project and on the left side under "Project home", click "Settings".
  2.  Select "MT settings" , then right click on "Machine translation" and select "Edit".
  3. In the "Settings" tab you can configure the MT settings based on your needs for each project. 


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