How to Translate with KantanMT™


Translating in the KantanMT platform

Once an engine is successfully built, you can upload one or more documents to translate or send segments for instant translation.

  • How to translate documents:
    1. Log on to KantanMT.
    2. On the left navigation pane, under KantanMT, click Translation. The Translation page appears.
    3. In the Drop files here to upload area, drag and drop the documents to be translated.
    4. Review and click Translate.
    5. To check the status of the job, click Jobs. The progress bar turns green to indicate that the translation job is complete. 
  • How to send segments for instant translation (API mode):
    1. On the left navigation pane, under the KantanMT tab, click Deploy.
    2. Click Launch to initialise the API mode. Click Yes when a pop-up message appears. 
    3. To check the status of the job, click Jobs. The progress bar reaches 100% to indicate that the API is enabled and the engine is ready to translate.
    4. In the Deploy tab, type your source text in the Text to be Translated field, and click Translate.
    5. You can post-edit translated segments and add them to the engine's translation memory by clicking Retrain Engine. Such segments will be included in the translation model of the engine during the following retraining.


Translating outside the KantanMT platform

Translating outside the platform always requires the API to be enabled, as that is the way to have your translation environment connected to KantanMT. The most common translation environment involves the use of CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools. All CAT tools allow clients to enable Machine Translation (MT). Other users, however, need to translate snippets of text when they are using other software programs such as Microsoft Office. For more information on how to translate outside the KantanMT platform, visit the following pages:


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