How to Create a New Template and Link it to a KantanMT™ Engine


Templates are specifically employed when there is a considerable amount of training data - all the data that does not change over consecutive builds can be added to a template. In KantanMT, templates can be linked to different engines, as long as the language pair is the same. This process is similar to KantanLibrary™ datasets.

  1. Log on to KantanMT.
  2. On the left navigation pane, under KantanMT, click Templates. The All Templates page appears.
  3. Click Create. The Create New Template dialogue box appears.
  4. Under Template Name, in the Name box, enter a unique name, and click Next.
  5. Under Languages, in the Source Language box, select the text language.
  6. In the Target Language box, select the language for translation, and click Next.
  7. Under Finish, in the Summary box, review and click Create.
  8. The new template will now be displayed under All Templates.
  9. To link a template to a KantanMT engine, click the Training tab in the KantanMT Dashboard. Click Templates and select the template you wish to link. Click Save.


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