How to Review a New A/B Test Project in KantanLQR™


How-to Guide for Reviewers

Accepting and Accessing a new A/B Test Project

KantanLQR is an online quality review tool dedicated to making human evaluation of Machine Translation output faster, seamless and more efficient. It allows Project Managers and Reviewers to collaborate, automate and streamline the process.

  1. Log on to KantanMT.
  2. On the left navigation pane, under KantanLQR, click Dashboard. The KantanLQR Dashboard page appears and a list of all the projects assigned to the reviewer is displayed.
  3. In the KantanLQR Dashboard page, click  to accept the project.
  4. In the KantanLQR Dashboard page, click  to access the Project Summary page.
  5. In the KantanLQR Dashboard page, click  to access the review panel.

Reviewing an A/B Test Project

In the review panel, the reviewers can compare different target segments, deciding which one is qualitatively better or if the segments are deemed to be of similar quality. If there are more than two outputs to compare, the reviewers will have the chance to rank each output assigning a higher score to a better segment.

After reviewing a segment, the reviewers can perform any of the following actions:

  • Click Next to confirm the review and move on to a different segment (not necessarily in the order).
  • Click Finish to exit the review panel and go back to the KantanLQR Dashboard.
  • Click Cancel to cancel the review of the last segment and exit the review panel.

The Project Summary Page

The Project Summary page displays an overview of the review. It displays information about the comparative quality of the outputs.


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